Friday, August 3, 2007

Awww... I won!

I haven't posted fo soooooooooooooo looong. Can't find the right time - think of almost 2hr byahe for work in the morning, imagine the pagod, the energy lost. aw..terrifying. haha.. (nagrereklamo ba ako?) but it's my choice anyways. But i enjoy my work. I really do. I'm a marketing officer. It's a dream job for me. And i'm currently taking my few steps of the million more steps towards the top of all my ambitious ambitions. haha.

Anywayssss... back to the topic! I love doing kwentos, and chikkas. I have many topics in mind. I want to share it. I want to blog them! I want them to be here! As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I made this blog because of Ms. Toral's project. And guys, it's so surprising. I won! I won! Nah, not with a blog award..hehe but I won the raffle! Yes! It's so amazing. Since elementary days, I always join raffle contests but it seems games of chances isn't for me. But this time..itaga mo sa bato..Nanalo nga ako ng US$100! Imagine! haha..may swerte din pala ako. At sabi ni Ms. Janette.. "o ayan, baka ganahan ka ng mag-blog".. haha..she got me there. *winks*

See to believe. My pretty name was posted in the raffle list winners of the winner's site of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs. Check it out! Great!

Pano ako nanalo? I made this post where I nominated 5 blogs (its supposed to be 10! but i haven't updated the post then..) which I think are good! Blogs that are Influential as to my own opinion! Exactly! During siesta, (yes, the reamining time after you took your lunch) I read blogs. I love reading blogs that makes me laugh. And laugh more. Then I bookmark them in my Blogs folder.

That's it for now. Had a task to do pa. Nasa workshop ako. Ms. Janette just allowed me to update my blog first so I can get the money. haha.. Sakto! May pang-ticket na ko sa Fall Out Boy Manila Concert on September 21 at the Big Dome. Kitakits sa mga pupunta!

Okidoks! Gotta go! I'll post more soon. Promise! (?!) *big grin*

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Hi Mira. Congratulations again for winning US$100. On another note, we just started the Filipina Writing Project and I hope you can join at