Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007

My entries for Ms.Toral's project..
  1. Kubiertos - Am i too obvious?? AAArrrggghhhhh ...I love food trips. I love eating. I'm too obsessive about kainan! But the good thing is..(or is it the other way 'round??)..I don't get extra weight. I'm too skinny! But i like it.. :D
  2. Rock Ed Radio - it's the music that counts!! yeah!. i love is really my interest. it's alreday encryted in my heart.
  3. Philiosphical Bastard - i actually like his article "The Death of Peter Pan".. I haven't read much of his artiles..but I'm pretty sure I will when I get time.
  4. UtakGago - Nice Title huh!?
  5. The Inspirational Blog - need some inspiration to keep me running now.. uy, getting senti ha??!! :D

That's it first. I'll post soon when I get the chance to read more of the featured blogs.. To the five I've chosen, good luck guys. Ayus!

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Just getting started. It's my first blog, and I'm pretty enjoying it. With all the ka-ART-tehan and all good and sensible(?!) writings. I love it. I just hope I do have lots of time to do everything.. Thanks to the seminar-"Website Marketing Tutorial" and to Ms.Janette.. I'm learning blogging now.. :)

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